The Baumbach group at the University of Southern Denmark


Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach


I'm chairing the Experimental Bioinformatics lab at the Technical University of Munich since January 2018. In part time, I am also leading the Computational BioMedicine group at the University of Southern Denmark (since October 2012). Since December 2018, I am also director of the IT Weihenstephan. Before, I have been head of the Computational Systems Biology group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and postdoctoral fellow at the University of California at Berkeley in the Algorithms group of Richard Karp. In 2008, I received a PhD degree from Bielefeld University where I worked in the Genome Informatics group of Jens Stoye and the Algorithms and Statistics for Systems Biology group of Sven Rahmann. During my studies I spent some time at the University of California at San Francisco in the lab of Tom Ferrin and at Rothamsted Research in the lab of Chris Rawlings.

Afsaneh Mohammadnejad


I am a PhD student at research unit of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography at the University of Southern Denmark and a member of the Computational Biology group since March 2018. Currently, I am involved in developing methods for multivariate analysis of OMICS data. I hold a MSc degree in Applied Mathematics from SDU and I did my master thesis on GWAS.

Dominika Hozakowska-Roszkowska


I am a PhD student since December 2018. I hold a uniform MSc degree in Medical Laboratory Science from Medical University of Warsaw (Poland) and MSc degree in Computational Biomedicine from University of Southern Denmark. Currently, I am working on a large-scale analysis and machine learning of the distribution of genetic traits in populations.

Philipp Weber


I am a PhD student in the Computational Biology group at the University of Southern Denmark since September 2017. Earlier in 2017 I obtained my master’s degree in bioinformatics from the University of Tübingen. In my PhD project I focus on developing new methods for the processing and analysis of breath and biogas data with the help of deep neural network architectures. My research interest also includes the development of new approaches for detection and treatment of cancer in a personalized setting.


  • Christian Wiwie, PhD, Senior Bioinformatics Developer at Qiagen
  • Paulo Vinicius Carvalho, PhD, Postdoc at University of Southern Denmark
  • Simon Larsen, Data Scientists, Energienet, Denmark
  • Weilong Li, Postdoc at University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Alexander Gulliver Bjørnholt Grønning, Postdoc at Copenhagen University
  • Tobias Frisch, Postdoc at University of Southern Denmark
  • Jeasper Lund, Postdoc at HPI in Potsdam, Germany
  • Maria Louise Elkjaer, Postdoc at Odense University Hospital


Chair of Experimental Bioinformatics

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